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Intimate story

5 Sep 2017 | 164 View

Intimate story

Jisoo meets Thai fans for the first time

Thai fans of Korean stars don’t get many chances to see their idols up close. So when their heroes do come to town, they can finally let out their pent up emotions.

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Intimate story

Suwitcha Chaiyong

Thai fans of Korean stars don’t get many chances to see their idols up close. So when their heroes do come to town, they can finally let out their pent-up emotions.

Popular actor Jisoo discovered this when he arrived in Thailand for his first fan meeting in the kingdom, 2017 Jisoo’s Story in Bangkok, presented by Do Concert. The 24-year-old actor expressed his joy and surprise at the energetic welcome he received at the airport and the fan meeting. At the event on August 5, the star made sure his fans were aware how much he appreciated their love and support.

Jisoo is the latest quality young actor to emerge from South Korea. He gained international recognition last year when he played a prince in the star-studded TV drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. He went on to expand his fan base with his masterful performance as a detective in the fantasy Strong Woman Do Bong-soon.


At Ultra Arena, Show DC, Jisoo kicked off the event with a version of “My Little Girl.” During the song, he walked around the hall and sat in empty seats next to fans, who couldn’t contain their excitement at seeing him up close. When answering fans’ questions, Jisoo kept eye contact with them. Before the end, he walked to every corner of the hall and posed in front of people so that they could take a nice photo of him.


After watching the fan videos, Jisoo said he felt thankful to his parents for giving birth to him and allowing him the chance to receive the love of his fans. He said that the event made him feel that he made the right decision to become an actor. In the videos, his fans mentioned they were always following him on Instagram. Jisoo promised to update it more often. The audience was ecstatic.

The day before the fan meeting, Jisoo met with the Thai press and some lucky fans for a press conference at Show DC. Here are some highlights from the conference and the fan meeting.

Have you been to Thailand before?

Jisoo: Yes. I was here sightseeing with friends. But this is my first time in Thailand for work.

Do you like Thai food?

Jisoo: Yes, especially crab curry. I sometimes go to Thai restaurants in South Korea.

How did you become interested in acting?

Jisoo: During junior high school, my friend took an acting class. He asked me to come along one day. As I watched him perform, I became fascinated and I decided that I wanted to learn how to act as well. I love movies, so I think acting is right for me.

Which character is your favourite so far?

Jisoo: I like my role in the three-part drama, Page Turner. I was an athlete who has to retire because of injury and becomes a pianist instead. A friend told me that the character is similar to me. He said we’re both playful.

What kind of character would like to play in the future?

Jisoo: There are many characters that I’d love to play. Maybe I could be somebody who’s good at everything. And I’d love to do an action role. So far, I’ve only played characters whose love is unrequited. It would be nice to play somebody who is loved in return.

What kind of woman do you like?

Jisoo: I don’t have a specific type, but I like girls that I can talk to and who have beautiful smiles.

If you took a Thai girl to try Korean food, what would you order?

Jisoo: Samgyeop-sal (grilled belly pork) and kimchi-jigae (kimchi stew). Kimchi stew is a bit like tom yum kung. It’s spicy, but delicious.