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Kingdom honours its Queen

13 Aug 2017 | 309 View

Kingdom honours its Queen

Thai people nationwide joined together in making merit and extending their best wishes for Her Majesty the Queen of King Rama IX on her 85th birthday anniversary yesterday.

Kingdom honours its Queen

People were especially happy to the photos of Her Majesty the Queen that were released yesterday

Thai people nationwide joined together in making merit and extending their best wishes for Her Majesty the Queen of King Rama IX on her 85th birthday anniversary yesterday.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha led his cabinet members to give alms to 851 Buddhist monks from temples in Bangkok in honour of Her Majesty the Queen at the Royal Plaza and as a tribute to the late monarch.

He was joined by members of the legislature and the judiciary, military leaders and high-ranking government officials. They proceeded to the Grand Palace to sign well-wishers' books to wish Her Majesty a happy birthday.

Dried foods and necessities were also gathered on the same occasion to be given to flood victims in the Northeast through an aid distribution centre of His Majesty King Rama X.

Seven palaces across the country, including Bang Pa-in Palace in Ayutthaya and Klai Kangwon Palace in Prachuap Khiri Khan's Hua Hin, yesterday opened their doors to the public for them to sign well wishing messages for Her Majesty.

In the evening the general public joined a candle-lighting ceremony for the Queen.

The highlight of yesterday's celebrations was at the Royal Plaza, where well-wishers turned up in blue shirts, the Queen's birthday colour.

In the provinces, provincial governors led state officials and members of the public to give alms to Buddhist monks in the morning and to light candles in the evening.

Celebrations were also held nationwide to celebrate National Mother's Day in conjunction with the Queen's birthday.



: help; assistance - ความช่วยเหลือ


: food, money, and other items that are given to Buddhist monks; money, clothes and food that are given to poor people - ของทำบุญ ของบริจาค


: a date when you celebrate something that happened in a previous year that is important to you - วันครบรอบ


: the group of government ministers who make and approve government policy - คณะรัฐมนตรี


: a stick of wax with a string in it called a wick that you burn to give light - เทียน


: a formal public event - งานพิธี


: the process of giving something out to many different places - การแจกจ่าย


: to offer or give something to somebody - ให้กับ, มอบ...ให้...


: to bring things together that have been spread around - รวบรวม


: a person who is chosen to be in charge of the government of a state or province - ผู้ว่าการรัฐ, ผู้ว่าราชการจังหวัด

highlight (noun)

: the most exciting, impressive, or interesting part of an event - จุดเด่น, จุดสำคัญ, เหตุการณ์สำคัญ,

high-ranking (noun)

: senior; important - ที่มียศสูง, ที่อยู่ชั้นสูง

honour (noun)

: to do something that shows great respect for somebody/something - เคารพ,นับถือ, ยกย่อง

in conjunction with (noun)

: together with - เกิดขึ้นร่วมกัน

in honour of (noun)

: to show respect and admiration for somebody - เป็นเกียรติให้กับ

judiciary (noun)

: the part of a country's government which is responsible for its legal system and which consists of all the judges in the country's courts of law - คณะตุลาการ, คณะผู้พิพากษา

late (noun)

: dead - ที่ล่วงลับไปแล้ว

legislature (noun)

: the part of government that makes and changes laws - สภานิติบัญญติ

nationwide (noun)

: throughout a whole country - ทั่วทั้งประเทศ

occasion (noun)

: a special event, ceremony or celebration - โอกาส, งาน

palace (noun)

: the official home of a king, queen, president, etc, a large impressive house - พระราชวัง, ตำหนัก, ปราสาท

proceed (noun)

: to move or travel in a particular direction - เดินทางไปยัง

state (noun)

: government - รัฐ

the public (noun)

: people in general - ประชาชน, สาธารณชน, มหาชน

tribute (noun)

: something that you do, say, or build to show that you respect and admire someone or something - การแสดงความเคารพ ยกย่องต่อ

victims  (noun)

: people who are killed injured or harmed in some way from an accident, natural disaster, crime, etc. - เหยื่อผู้เคราะห์ร้าย

province (noun)

: one of many divisions of the government of a country into smaller parts - จังหวัด

necessity (noun)

: a thing that you must have and cannot manage without, e.g., good, clothing - สิ่งจำเป็น

Grand Palace (noun)

: the official residence of the Kings of Siam (and later Thailand) where important ceremonies are held - พระบรมมหาราชวัง

military (noun)

: soldiers; the armed forces - ทหาร, กองกำลัง, กองทัพ

monarch (noun)

: (n) a person who rules a country, for example a king or a queen

making merit (noun)

: to do good things according to religious beliefs - ทำบุญ